Choose your own Catharsis is multi-sensory, interactive Live Artwork that fuses the secular and the sacred, the cerebral and the sensual, the narrative and the conceptual to deliver an immersive reflection on ecological relations, and play at the production of sense-based knowledge.

Exploring the origins and consequences of nature/culture dualisms, this intimate work invited participants to engage in a secular and personalised ritual, speculating on how new practices might be developed to offer pathways to human reconnection to the more-than-human biosphere. Choose your Own Catharsis was developed using ecological methodologies of working slowly and closely with site and all aspects of the design and content of the installation were directly connected to the land surrounding Newcastle in NSW. As such, the installation grapples with the challenges of connecting with sites that are stolen Indigenous lands with violent histories, a current and complex issue in Australian ecological understanding.

Choose your own Catharsis acted as both as a two-room, static installation work, and as an individualised , interactive experience. When the artists were present in the installation, participants could enter one at a time to experience soundscapes and instructions tailored to their unique interests in the theme.

The work was accompanied by a panel discussion on Ritual in Contemporary Art, which you can read more about here.

Original program information can be read here.

Interactive Installation and live-art work

Artists Luna Mrozik Gawler, Justine Walsh

Lock Up Artspace

Critical Animal Research Symposium

This is Not Art Festival NSW 2018