Presented at Lock Up Artspace for This is Not Art Festival,  Choose your own Catharsis is 

multi-sensory Live Artwork that fuses the secular and the sacred, the cerebral and the sensual,

the narrative and the conceptual.

In the interests of understanding the origins and consequences of nature/culture dualisms and hyper-separation between human and non -human communities, this intimate and interactive work asks how ritual and meaning-making can be ​explored with secular intentions. How contemporary western spaces and ideologies come to engage with the non-human world in a meaningful, personal and emotional way?


Choose your own Catharsis engaged with critical ecological inquiry during the development, exploring 'slow' work, new materialist perspectives and practices of radical inclusion and multispecies awareness.

While grappling with the tensions, contradictions, and conflicts of connecting with place on stolen land, Choose your own Catharsis considers the anxieties of knowledge production, ecological destruction, identity and belonging through a multisensory process.

Presented as a durational piece for Critical Animals, this work is designed to be encountered both as a static installation and as an interactive, intimate exploration that is unique to each participant.

The work was accompanied by a panel discussion on Ritual in Contemporary Art

which you can read more about here.

Original program information can be read here.


Interactive Installation 

Artists Luna Mrozik Gawler, Justine Walsh

Lock Up Artspace

Critical Animal Research Symposium

This is Not Art Festival NSW 2018