A participatory Live Art work, FLIGHT PATH II (FIELD NOTES) considers the catastrophic events of insect extinction and ask how we can make these narratives more visible and reconsider the anthropocentric paradigms of the contemporary western world. 


Located in a speculative future after ecological collapse and the subsequent hundred-year hunger,  participants enter the space as volunteers - tasked with marking the absence of long-dead insect bodies, recording those that have begun to return, and taking an active role in their regeneration. Through a series of direct, tactile encounters with live Soldier Fly Larvae, participants shape the lab space - identifying, charting and reimagining their dependance and entanglement with the insect population both in the installation and across the larger site.

Challenging the boundaries of knowledge production and experimenting with sense-based knowledge, participants are invited to consider how they might shape new behavioral practices of kinship, trialing a series of activities and exercises that involve multispecies inclusion and care.  


Queering expectations of human supremacy and separatism FLIGHT PATH explores alternative knowledge production, multispecies entanglement and meaningful response to a vital, active biosphere.

FLIGHT PATH is an invitation to explore imaginative solutions, tactile maps, and contemplative kinship models, and as such was developed with an ecological methodology. Using radical inclusion of site and multispecies participants, Flight Path II was created through practices of ecological attention, deep listening, slow work and by foregrounding the more-than-human. Additionally, this work was made with ongoing awareness and commitment to ecological crisis and used mostly recycled, or repurposed materials.

Participatory Live Art

Informed by site (-37.8163009,145.379969)

and the participation of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Artist- Luna Mrozik Gawler

Sound by Amy Hanley and Jake Steele

Photography by Devika Bilimoria 

HillsceneLIVE Art Festival 

Victoria 2019