images by Renee Stamatis Photography

H:O:M:E was a durational performance-based installation taking place at Mapping Melbourne Festival in 2018. Marking the launch of L&NDLESS collective, H:O:M:E explored the ways in which personal and collective memory is bound up in location. 

The work was been shaped by, and developed in, collaboration with the community of Melbourne. Memories of landscapes of personal significance being delivered through an online portal appearing in the space to weave a collective landscape of recollection and meaning over the four hour duration.

Acknowledging the transient and disrupted connections to homelands and heritage that are a feature of contemporary Australian discourse, H:O:M:E constructed a shifting framework encompassing live-art, relational choreography, immersive design and storytelling to disrupt, dislodge and unpack the conflicted and paradoxical relationship between identity, place and belonging.

You can view the original submission portal here

further performance information here

and listen to an excerpt of the soundscape and interview with sound artist Amy Hanley here.

Performance based Installation, 4 hours

Artists Luna Mrozik Gawler, Nithya Iyer, Devika Bilimoria, Amy Hanley

Project Space, Dark Horse Studios Mapping Melbourne Festival,

Multicultural Arts Victoria 2018